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Business Education

What is business education?

Business is a field of study that is common all over the world and it often refers to a sequence of courses at the undergraduate, college or graduate level that, when studied or taken, provide students with the knowledge and basic skills to succeed in business. Often the education is tailored to a specialization, major or area of focus of the student’s choice which can include human resources, marketing, finance or accounting.
There are individual courses for those looking to brush up on their skills all the way to full 4 or 5 year programs. Some programs focus on theory, others focus on hands on experience and some do a hybrid of both. The market trends and demands from the workforce can drive the curriculum and focus for different programs and classes and the content.

Evolution of Business Education

Historically, a degree in business has been a popular one with over one quarter of all undergraduate students in the world choosing to study business. As this number continues to increase and the workforce and needs of businesses continue to change, there is continuing discussion into the education and the ways in which these business programs should be structured to create the most well rounded minds and employees of tomorrow.
Some programs are introducing unique business focuses or classes such as environmental and corporate social responsibility as well as digital marketing, once again demonstrating that there is a need for business education to reflect market trends, growth and industries.

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